In the manner that the free mason is supposedly born, since it goes back to 800 years before Christ according to some known historians, we have this tendency to compare the unknown with those of the antiquity, we can categorically  say that its objective is imminent philanthropically and particularly mystic. 

The Institution of the free Mason is essentially philanthropic, philosophic, and progressive with its objective in search of the truth, the moral study and the practice of the solidarity its function is to improve morally and be empowered with material means towards the development of human kind socially and intellectually.

Its principle of mutual tolerance, self respect and the respect of others and the absolute liberty of conscience considering the individual conception of its members and the refusal of all dogmatic affiliation Its Motto are LIBERTY, EQUALITY, and BROTHERHOOD

The Free Mason has the duty to extend to the members of the human race the olive branch that unifies the brotherhood of the free mason all over the globe.  It is recommended that the disciples, by propaganda project the word in scriptures and by example.

The duty of the free mason in all circumstances is to help broaden the horizon of his brother and be his protector and to defend against the injustice of this world even at the risk of his own life. It is the work most essential of the free mason.

The free mason founded on the belief of a Supreme Being, architect and conservator of the universe with the objective the cult of virtues the exercise of good thoughts, control of bad tendencies the study of science and the moral fiber of the arts consequently a perfection of self. It goes back to the very beginning of the ages because no one speaks of the borders of the Nile, others of Mount –Horeb or when the Lord spoke of the marvels of the earth of Cham. The spirit of the free mason at the highest pursuit of antiquity follow four essentials points: the spiritual formation, humanitarian, social and material, themselves resume in one brotherhood. 

It is spiritual, because it has for objective the cult of the virtues, the perfection of you. One can say that the free mason has the duty to get rid of all vices and defaults thereby enhancing the outer being  which is none other than a material envelop to find again the invisible interior where resides: The Conscience, The Heart and the inner spirit. The conscience of the inner spirit that we can consider as the balance of self is this voice that guides us towards the good or the bad via logic and common sense because it hears, smell, taste and touch without the means our instable faculties and changes of the physical body.

By contrast the heart suffers from all the bad things that man does and rejoices of the happy indications of the conscience. The inner spirit, the invisible part of you is the reality of you from the inside. The mason who acquires this central point is a real initiate because he got rid of all sins; he knows he needs to get a hold of all passions detrimental to self and society and always in contact with the divine to elevate its inner spirit at the level of the Great Architect of the World, the Almighty JEHOVAH.  For our self-pity will not find a place in the flower pot that represents our inner spirit for the material not interposing on the spiritual. The spiritualism is the base of the free mason which is far from been pragmatic like we choose to believe. With immediate practice according of the basic principles, we are helping society as a whole, because we are minus one element that would otherwise give us some problems in the future. Order is essential, and even indispensable to society.