La Respectable Loge L’elan Mystique Inc No 3

A quick history of the birth of La Respectable Loge L’elan MystiqueInc No3.

   In 1977, four Haitian brother Masons met in Queens, New York with the idea of creating a Lodge where the Masonic diaspora could meet and continue to practice their craft. They thought Brooklyn would be a central location where brothers from the five boroughs could easily congregate. 

Edwige Cohen

L’Elan Mystique Founder

They were brother Edwige Cohen, Ronald Bidon, members of La Restaution of Connecticut, Andre Lafond, member of the lodge L’Union Fraternelle, and brother Rodrigue Edouard, who was a member of the “BlazingStar”, located at the corner of Herkimer and Bedford Avenue. Together they agreed to move forward with the project and name the new lodge “L’elan Mystique”. In order to be able to create a perfect lodge they recruited five neophytes, Frantz G. Michel, Ronald Metayer, Michel Dorceans, Pierre Vilaire, and Jacques Dupoux to join them in their endeavor.  Brother Edwige Cohen then sought the help of his good friend, brother Camille Stines. Brother Stines is currently Serenissime Grand Master of the Grand Lodge Haitienne of Saint John. Brother Stines at that time was a member of the Grand American Lodge “National Grand Council”. He was asked by brother Cohen to intervene with the Grand Serenissime of this great and powerful lodge; brother John, to admit this new lodge under their jurisdiction. After considering the request, the National Grand Council agreed to include La Respectable Loge L’elan Mystique as a chartered member. The new lodge was assigned the number 580. La Respectable Loge L’elan Mystique No580 held its first meeting in November of 1979 at the Lodge of the National Grand Council located at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple at the corner of Lafayette and Clarmont Avenue. Brothers Frantz G. Michel, Jacques Dupoux, Pierre Vilaire,  Ronald Metayer, and Michel Dorceans were initiated.  In 1982, there was a difference of opinion between the brothers Stines and Cohen. Since they couldn’t find common ground they decided to go there separate ways. Brother Cohen then created la Grande Loge Haitienne de St-Jean des Orients d’Outremer and became the first Serenissime Grand Master of this new Grand Lodge. La Respectable Loge L’elan Mystique No580 followed its founder Mr. Cohen and became La Respectable Loge L’elan Mystique No3 under the new charter.  In 1990, there was speculation that brother Edwige Cohen wanted to take over La Respectable Loge L’elan Mystique No3. This action didn’t sit well with the members of the Lodge who wanted to remain independent. Thus, under the leadership of their venerable, brother Gerard Petrus, with the support of brother Jorbin Charles, treasurer of the Lodge, decided to incorporate this lodge as a non-profit organization.

The corporation was officially registered on March 31st 1993 by the New York Department of State. Therefore, since that date, the Lodge became known as L’elan Mystique Inc No3, fully independent and no longer under the hospice of Grande Loge Haitienne de St-Jean des Orients d’Outremer.  Here is a list of the venerable who led this lodge to this point: From 1979-1981: Brother Edwige Cohen. From July 1981 to October 1981: Brother Jaques Dupoux. From November 1981 to 1984: Brother Frantz G. Michel. From November 1984 to 1993: Brother Gerard Petrus. From 1993 to January 1984: Brother Frantz G. Michel. On January 30th, 1994, brother Gerard Pollas was elected as venerable of La RespectableLoge L’elan Mystique Inc No3. The election took place at Saint Mark Temple located on Linden Boulevard in Queens. On June 12th, 1994 Gerard Pollas was sacred as venerable by the Serenissime Grand Master Camille Stines. This ceremony took place at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple. He was installed the sameday as venerable of La Respectable Loge L’elan Mystique Inc No3 by venerable Frantz G. Michel. He held that post until January 2005.  From January 2005 to June 26th 2005, the venerable Frantz G. Michel was again elected as venerable of said lodge on an intern basis. Brother Victor Bouzi took over thereign of this lodge from June 26th 2005 to January 15th, 2012.  Brother Maxine Lilavois took over as venerable on January 15th 2012 until May 28th 2014. Due to medical reasons, venerable Lilavois had to step down and once again brother Victor Bouzi became the venerable of this lodge.  During the tenure of venerable Gerard Pollas, the brothers of the Lodge under his leadership built our new temple located on the third floor at 212-40 Jamaica Avenue in Queens. This new temple was inaugurated on October 30th 1994 and remained active at that location until 2005.  Venerable Pollas worked tirelessly to reanimate the chapters of the Lodge.  The 18th degree chapter was led at first by TSA Antoine Camille. He was then seceded by TSA Robert Baril and it is currently being led by TSA Garhy M. Brutus. The Royal Arch was led by brother Carl O. Baptiste.  The 30th degree was under the leadership of venerable Master Frantz G. Michel as Grand Master Aeropage. The Templar Chapter was led by venerable Master Gerard Petrus as Eminent Commander. La Respectable Loge L’elan Mystique Inc No3 is the physical emanation of the mystical egregore of its founders and their successors who are working to this day to elevate, guard and protect their sacred heritage to the glory of the Great Architect of the Universe.